Notarial Translation


Notarial translation – also called judicial certified translation – is the service of translating all legal documents, materials and files and obtaining local authorities’ certified check, so that the translated document would be legally validity as the original ones. Since Decree No. 79/NĐ-CP became valid, which allows district and provincial notary office to certify translated documents, there is less overload at central notary public office than before. However, district notary office only certifies translated documents with translator’s signature.

In order to save time and cost for clients, Viet Uy Tin provides full-package notarial translation service. After receiving documents requiring notarial translation, we will translate and directly proceed to governmental authorities for signature certification and certified check. If clients need to expedite the process, we will assist in completing the notarial translation within one day. Viet Uy Tin provide notarial translation service for all types of document including educational records for study-abroad, school report, certification, diploma, marriage certificate, business registration certificate, tender document, curriculum vitae, birth certificate, driving license, passport, identification card, contract, financial report and others.

Notarial Translation
Notarial Translation

With years of experience in providing notarial translation service for several clients, Viet Uy Tin is proud to maintain a powerful network of high-qualified translators with strong ability to translate fast with minimal error. Our closed translating and editing procedure allows us to minimize even smallest error in order to ensure notarial documents are as accurate as original ones and legally accepted by all authorities. Moreover, we have been maintaining good relationship with many district notary offices in order to expedite notarial translation process.

Viet Uy Tin have been providing notarial translation service in more than 50 popular languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Lao, and Cambodian, etc. with highest possible quality, lowest cost and promptest requiring time. We commit to always provide ideal and cost-efficient translation service to all clients.


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Ms.Phan Hạnh Hương:"Cảm ơn phiên dịch viên của Việt Uy Tín đã hoàn thành tốt bản dịch hợp đồng với các đối tác của chúng tôi"
Mr.Harada Kaitou: "開発に関する翻訳、良い会社をお寄せいただきありがとうございます."
Christina Nguyễn:"Translation of Viet Uy Tin is really good. I am quite satisfactory about your service. Wish you the best day"
Viet Uy Tin has clear procedures for receiving requests and feedback. Resolve the request quickly. TINTRANS will be the best option if you can maintain this professional way. Thanks
Having cooperated with Viet Uy Tin for more than 2 years, I am completely satisfied and absolutely trust the quality of service

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Lý do chọn du học Việt Uy Tín Business philosophy “Prestige is Honour”.

Lý do chọn du học Việt Uy Tín Certified High-Quality Translation Company in 6 consecutive years (2010-2016).

Lý do chọn du học Việt Uy Tín  Translation experience of 15 years; Customer Satisfaction Index by 99.5%.

Lý do chọn du học Việt Uy Tín Early or on-time delivery of 100% translation.

Lý do chọn du học Việt Uy Tín 100% translation inspected by leading experts in specific fields.

Lý do chọn du học Việt Uy Tín 100 in-house translators, 10.000 outsource translators with 5 to 20 years of exp.

Lý do chọn du học Việt Uy Tín Absolute confidentiality of customers’ information on a private server.

Lý do chọn du học Việt Uy Tín The SOLE translation company in Vietnam offering free-of-charge delivery.

Lý do chọn du học Việt Uy Tín Closed and scientific translation process.

Lý do chọn du học Việt Uy Tín Notarized translation service offering on-the-same-day result.


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